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My company, Bang-up studio, makes custom artwork for creative industry professionals. I specialize in storyboards and other presentation artwork for the advertising and film communities. I also create finished illustrations that are used in print advertising and product packaging. Beyond that, I can also create custom artwork for most of your other needs.

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Featuring the Illustration art
Bart Bemus



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Bang-up studio. Featuring the Illustration art of Bart Bemus
My Promise:
I will create illustrations that tell your specific story. They will resonate with your audience to help you sell your ideas. They will be delivered on time,  every time.
It Starts with a Conversation

The process begins with listening to what you need the illustration to communicate or do.  

What Makes a Great Illustration?

What makes an illustration great is not only how it looks, but also by how well it fits your specific needs.

My Experience

Drawing on my professional experience, I will find the best way to visualize your message and communicate it through clear and captivating images.

Hi, I’m Bart

I help creative professionals communicate their killer ideas. I run an independent illustration studio and I have over three decades of experience in serving the advertising and film communities. Millions of people have seen the end results of my work. If you have been watching TV or been online any time over the past twenty years, you have probably seen projects I have worked on. 

Whatever your illustration needs, I can help you out.

I have worked with of design companies, advertising agencies, production houses, film studios, and publishers.

Projects include storyboard illustrations, key frames, print comps, billboard comps, event concepts, and guerrilla advertising.

I have created finished illustrations for full page national magazine ads, videos, packaging and bottle art. 

Directors have commissioned me to be part of their visual development teams for a TV series and feature films. Numerous publishers have also commissioned my editorial illustrations for magazines and book covers.

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